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Incoming! magazine is a collection of science fiction comics and short stories delivered in a smart, design-led package that will be available to fund on Kicktarter in early 2021.

Our mission statement is simple. It comprises two parts:

  • To share the most entertaining sci-fi stories we can find with as large an audience as possible.
  • To run an open-minded platform that comic creative teams of all types and styles feel comfortable submitting to.

We put a call out for entries in July 2020, and since then have chosen our three favourites comic stories and prose story, commissioned, and paid for them.

We believe that everybody who loves to read and create science fiction comics and prose should be excited about Incoming!

That’s because, with our main ethos being to publish the most entertaining stories, we are in the ideal position to boost the unusual, the abstract and the risky – stories that boil in the hard-edged places where innovation is forged.

And the second part of our mission statement means that the magazine will always be driven by fresh talent who want to put down a bold and exciting marker – to show what they can do.

If we raise enough to fund our pilot issue we will commence with plans to publish another issue – featuring expanded page counts including more one-shot stories and the introduction of serialised stories. In short, there will be more opportunities for creators to send in work and get paid for successful submissions.

In this way, Incoming! will become not just an anthology, but a living, dynamic platform for creative teams of all types to rally around.

In the meantime, why not take a look at the information repository? This new section will host our blog posts and other similar content.

Contact us through our social media accounts or through email.

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